WP3: Post elimination monitoring

Work Package 3 Overview


To determine cost-effectiveness of different diagnostic algorithms of serological and molecular high-throughput tests with or without previous RDT blood screening.

Work package 3 deals with post-elimination monitoring and aims at proposing cost-effective systems for early detection of disease outbreaks. Whenever a threshold alarm is passed, this should trigger mobilisation of dedicated mobile teams for active population screening, thus containing HAT transmission rapidly and avoiding re-emerging epidemics. Work package 3 is based on a strategy of non-specialised health workers that blood on filter paper in villages and sent it to a regional reference centre (WP5) for testing in ELISA, trypanolysis, RT-PCR and LAMP. In parallel, blood will be tested in at least 1 strip format RDT. Positives in one or more tests will be revisited for parasitological examination.

Countries involved into WP3 are DR Congo, Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire with respectively PNLTHA-DRC, CIRDES and IPR as main participants.

Post elimination monitoring_chart-2